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Winter Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

1. Clear off all windows, mirrors, and exterior lights completely before driving..

2. Keep tires and brakes in good condition.

3. Maintain a sufficient following distance.

4. Plan your route.

5. Check cross-traffic prior to reaching and traveling through an intersection to help avoid collisions.

6. Do not drive if you feel fatigued.

7. Here’s a nifty tip: watch the tire spray. If there’s a lot of spray coming off others’ tires, the roads are wet. If there’s not as much spray but the roads look wet, take caution because they’re beginning to freeze. And if the roads look wet but you don’t see much spray, you’re on ice, so be careful.

8. Don’t push your truck or yourself to do more than you can!


Did you know that ITDS now has Employee Assistance Services available? This is a free benefit to you as ITDS employees. See the user information below, get the help you may need!!!! This is a free service.

Employee Assistance Program Services

Confidential help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for employees and family members:

Visit – or

(user name = LFGsupport; password = LFGsupport1).

Or talk with a specialist at 888-628-4824. Get help with in the following areas:

• Parenting

• Addictions

• Emotional

• Legal

• Financial

• Relationships

• Stress


New Local Safety Bonus Qualifiers

• Driver must have no more than 2 e-log violations for the quarter.

• Driver must not be the person at fault for damage to a tractor, trailer or 3rd party property.

• Driver must turn in the safety quiz for all 3 months of the quarter.

• Driver must have no CSA violations which includes tickets and warnings for the quarter.

• Driver must work the entire 3 months of the quarter.

Safety Quiz Drawing Winners!

First Quarter – Mark G – Perfetti
Second Quarter – Kevin Meyers – John Morrell

We will be going to a monthly drawing for $100 for the month of July!

July – Chadd J – MULTICORR

August – Garry M – BPL

September – Leslie M – Duro Bag

October – Chuck C – Tyson

November – Art W – Perfetti

December – James B – Road Floater

Driver relations and engagement are a priority for us at ITDS. Our drivers are the key to our success. ITDS dispatch works hand in hand with our drivers to ensure that customers are happy and satisfied with our service. See our newsletters and links to industry articles to keep up with what’s going on at ITDS and the transportation industry.

February Birthdays

Mo B – Kamp’s Indy – 2/17

Dale B – Kamp’s Col – 2/23

Courtney D – Pierre – 2/16

Paul g – Perfetti – 2/3

Rick H – Multi Corr – 2/20

Don P – on leave – 2/22

Bill S – Milliken – 2/13

Lamont S – Floater – 2/11


Bill D – 2/13 – 2 years – Kamp’s Erlanger

Fred F – 2/15 – 2 years –Perfetti

Matt H – 2/26 – 1 year – Multi Corr

Gary K – 2/22 – 6 years – Floater

Arlondo L – 2/26 – 1 year – Multi Corr

Ross R – 2/23 – 1 year – BGR

John S – 2/1 – 6 years – Central Steel

Drivers of the Month

Will receive a $100 gift card!

January – Algier M – Duro Bag

February – Greg D – Pierre Road

March – Carl B – BPL

April – Arlondo L – Multi Corr

May – Robert G – BPL Floater

June – Jimmy B – Road Floater

July – James B – Road floater

August – James B – Road Floater

September – Kevin M – John Morrell

October – Glen U – Road Driver

November – Todd H – Floater

December – Colson S – Floater