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Who We Are

ITDS is a company of transportation professionals with over 150+ years combined experience. We provide our customers with the highest level of service unsurpassed in our industry. We bring knowledge, experience, and innovation in designing solutions for our customer’s transportation needs.

What we do

ITDS designs, implements, and manages transportation solutions that increases efficiency, improves service levels, and provide real cost savings. We provide dedicated trucks, trailers, and drivers, giving our customers the advantage of a common carrier with all the benefits of a private fleet.

Why we do it better

As an extended arm of our customer’s operation, ITDS makes sure we understand your transportation needs. We provide 100% driver coverage and equipment availability in our dedicated operation, and provide the highest service available in the transportation industry.

How we do it better

ITDS works hard to maintain 100% coverage through equipment and drivers dedicated to you. We cover the driver payroll, related taxes, and driver benefits. We also manage fleet maintenance ourselves with 24/7 breakdown service and quick equipment replacements.

Replacement Drivers

ITDS hires its own pool of substitute drivers. Substitute drivers are trained on the operation of each ITDS dedicated account. When an ITDS dedicated driver is off work for vacation, sickness, or has a family emergency, there will be no interruption of services to our customer. This is just one of the keys to ITDS’s ability to provide our customers with 100% guaranteed service.

GPS Tracking

ITDS has GPS tracking in all tractors. In 2017, we will introduce the ability to track all substitute tractors, as well, giving customers access to view the dedicated tractors assigned to their account 24/7 from your office, home or cell phone. Why? So you can run your business with confidence that your goods will arrive safely.



We develop a transportation system that will increase efficiencies, improve service levels, and provide real cost savings.

Yard Spotting

We can provide 24/7 dedicated yard service with new or late model hydraulic fifth-wheel equipment.


ITDS’s sister company, Truckway Leasing, provides ITDS with all of our dedicated equipment.


We set up a dedicated operation to meet the needs of our customer, from yard spotting to local and regional operations.


Our fleet is prepared for operations in the meat, produce, canned goods, and pharmaceutical industries.


We are proactive and make it a point to be prepared when the “what if” happens, ready to support your operations 24/7.

Driver Testimonials

I have been employed for this company for ten years. They are a family oriented business… Working for ITDS you are addressed by your name and not a number like a lot of big name companies do. If you need a day off they try to do anything and everything to make sure you have that day off. The office staff at ITDS are really friendly and easy to get along with. Ive driven over the road and local for ITDS and I think it’s a really great company to work for. They are also very safety oriented. –  James Burnette

Life has been a rollercoaster on full blast for about a year now. ITDS has rolled each bump and grind with me from the start… I couldn’t be more thankful to these people during all my changes. Most companies would not allow room for all these various changes, ITDS did; and kept me working, from OTR to a now local position, they didn’t miss a beat with me. – Courtney Daniel


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