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ITDS is proud of our 100% guaranteed service. Any carrier can promise to serve your account 100%, but few can back up that promise. ITDS has created a system that will take care of all of your transportation needs.


“Our load was being transported through Richmond, Va., by ITDS. The brand new tractor pulling our load developed a transmission problem and broke down. We did not even know about the breakdown until weeks later. ITDS subbed out the tractor in Richmond within 30 minutes, and our product was delivered on time. This is the service we have learned to expect from ITDS.”

How do we do it?

We have an operation staff with 125 years of dispatch and management experience. We have substitute drivers on board that are trained to back up your permanent drivers during vacations, illnesses, or family emergencies. We have our own substitute fleet of equipment both local and nationwide. We use our extra drivers to allow our customers to “flex up” their number of trucks during seasonal surges in business.

We allow two hours for our equipment to be repaired; after two hours, we sub out the truck and the driver continues to move with your load. Our breakdown desk and shop operate 24/7.

We understand that, in a dedicated operation, the loads must move every day. Failure is not an option. ITDS will be your true transportation partner as we continue to look for operational efficiencies.

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